Episodic Drama

Script & Director: Redmond Entwistle

A young man and woman are caught up by a story about the RAF. In 1985, a US-soldier gets lured out of a disco in Wiesbaden and gets killed. The forensics gradually turn into a re-enactment of the events. Soon, they find themselves in the role of temptress and victim.

„Both of my protagonists, Simone and James, have lost control in the present, so they are trying to orientate themselves with the help of myths from the recent past. Attracted by the roles of the soldier and the political activist, they follow a story which is not their own. Essentially, they are looking for an opportunity to understand themselves and to leave their marks on this world.“ Redmond Entwistle

With Lilith Stangenberg („Wild“) and Lee Daniel behind the camera („Boyhood“, „Dazed and Confused“, „Before Sunrise“ etc.)

Status: Preparation for Production, Financing

Production preparation supported by Hessenfilm und Medien, in co-production with sehstern Film Production, Frankfurt.


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