Script & Director: Rainer Kirberg

An ancient forest in Germany left to itself and used only sporadically: as hunting ground, as sanctuary, as place of reflection, as final resting place. Eichenhain is about four encounters between the forest and human beings. In a period of 2000 years, the nature has become a silent witness of conflicts and dilemmas, in which the human being is exposed to his sense of transcendentalism.

„Eichenhain is a metaphysical trip through our existence, an ethnographical tragic comedy, which is glancing incorruptibly and condescendingly at the human kind in all of its malice and greatness.“

Rainer Kirberg Kirberg studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. As a filmmaker, he published four features, including the in 1980 released cult film: Die letzte Rache. Besides known actors such as Tcheky Karyo (Nikita), Erwin Leder (Das Boot) and Peter Lohmeyer, he also worked with the Dalí-Muse and Disco-Queen Amanda Lear and the underground film legend Kenneth Anger.

Status: Preparation for Production, Financing

Production preparation supported by Film und Medien Stiftung NRW


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