Director: Elena Trapé

Olivia, Eloy, Guille and Anne arrive in Berlin to surprise their friend Comas on his 35 birthday. But he doesn’t receive them as expected and disappears on the first night. Little by little the group breaks apart and confront the fact that their lives aren’t what they expected when they were young.

Status: Preparation for shooting

Service-Production for Coming Soon Films (Barcelona)


Prime time Mini Series

Author: Dennis Todorovic

„Hexenklage“ is a character based, historical political thriller. A prime-time TV-series about the witch-trials in Heimbach (North-Rhine Westphalia) between 1631 – 1632- The 6 episodes will focus on a net of with each other connected characters, all either victims, torturer or both. A main aspect is the interaction between fear, ambition as well as greed for money and power, which had been the motivation for those, who pulled the string behind those horrible events.

Status: Development of Series Bible & Pilot Script

Supported by Film und Medien Stiftung NRW in their section “Innovative TV Formate”.



Director: Mirjam Leuze

Janie and Hermann have fulfilled their lifetime dream: Supported by the First Gitga´at Nation they’ve built a whale research station at the northwest coast of Canada. But then a tanker line threatens the natural paradise.

Status: Financing

In co-production with TOPOS Film and with ZDF/Arte, in cooperation with Vizion. Development supported by the FFA,  Production supported by Film und Medien Stiftung NRW.


Prime time Mini Series

Head Writer: Andi Rogenhagen

When Alexander Tamm, a married German aircraft engineer, falls in love with a fascinating woman, he not only ends up leading two parallel lives in two cities, but is prepared to do whatever it takes to maintain this new and exciting lifestyle; including trading company secrets.

Status: Development of Series Bible & Pilot Script


Children’s Film

Script: Corinna C. Poetter

Hanna (12) is a real “Social Media Junkie” and quite popular in the web. Her stepbrother Cornelius (9) activates an unknown app on a mysterious smartphone and sends them both on a trip to the year 1887, in a little village in the Eifel. At the end of their turbulent adventure, in a time-period where practicalities of modern life still hadn’t been invented, Hanna comes to realize that what matters most in life is counting on each other.

Status: Script Development



Script: Armin Prediger & Steven Goldsmith 
Director: Oliver Schmitz

A straightforward heist on a farm goes awry when the owner’s family and farm workers fight back to defend the property. Macho men show poor judgment as strong women make bold decisions.

Status: Financing

A co-production with Shadowy Meadows Productions (South Africa), selected for the Co-Production-Market of Berlinale 2016